We pride ourselves on our 5 Star Removals Service!
It’s very important to us, as more than half of our work comes from repeat business.

Here’s a testimonial from William Baird referencing our 5 star service when we help his property company on a regular basis:

“Removals Glasgow,

What can I honestly say about this company other than the 5***** on the badge of their shirt is warranted and well earned. Please use these guys when moving house or business – SERIOUSLY…

No hassle,
No pressure,
No worry,

Only praise…

The care and attention shown by the guys through – the handling and treatment to my furniture and “sentimental irreplaceable” items and belongings was more than commendable!!!
Having used other so called bigger companies over the years that say they offer this same guarantee of care and attention doesn’t come near to these guys – fact!!!

Our family property company that I run has 27 flats and houses to look after which can be very stressful and high pressure immense at times! So using Removals Glasgow let me get on with my day with NO worries!!!
Highly recommend them to my business friends and family…

Keep up the good work guys…

W. A. Baird building and property Ltd.”

Thanks William!