We’ve done thousands of removals in Glasgow and beyond but there are regularly small things that movers often forget or don’t consider before moving due to the organisation required. We pride ourselves on putting you at ease and lifting the burden but here are a few of the forgotten tasks and considerations:


Make sure your fridge & freezer are emptied and defrosted. A good idea would be to use up everything gradually leading up to the removal day, minimizing wastage. Other white goods should be drained and disconnected from the plumbing/power.


Now that your fridge & freezer are empty, have you considered what you’ll eat on the day of the move? Trying to cook during a move can range from a nightmare to downright impossible! Be sure to keep this in mind. Make sandwiches, arrange somewhere to go (family or friends) or treat yourself to a restaurant/takeaway!


Anything that can be dismantled, you should arrange to do so.


Make sure your removal company has easy access to your property. Parking, stairwells and lifts are all important.


Plants can be difficult to move depending on how delicate they are. I you can arrange family, friends or neighbours to look after them until you’ve settled in, that would be advantageous.


Anything at all that has liquid in it including appliances, decorating equipment and cleaning supplies. We aim to have your items arrive in the same condition as they left, having liquids in leak proof containers helps massively.


Apologies for lumping these two together but both are the same for obvious reasons during a move 😛
Both are hard enough at the best of times but if you can loan them again to family, friends or neighbours it will make your life much easier for the removal day!

Good Luck!